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Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier - Albuquerque 2017


Join us at Jetpack Comics on Saturday, April 29 for our sealed PPTQ that queues for Albuquerque.

Registration starts at 10am and deck construction begins at 11am. There will be Swiss rounds based on attendance and a Top 8 draft (as long as there are at least 9 players in the main event). Cost is $40 per player.

it will be 6 packs of Amonkhet




Join the Jetpack Comics X-Wing Federation!

Join the Jetpack Comics X-Wing Federation!

Whether you are Rebel Scum or Imperial Elitists, we've got you covered!

Your location for all Tournament and Free-Play information. If you are new to Star Wars Miniatures gaming bring your friends, come on down to have some fun and we will teach you how to play.


Join our facebook group

HeroClix: The Horsemen

April 24th, 6pm

The first event match in the ongoing series of one map team matches!

The first 3 players not including me to click going will bring a 300 pt. Constructed team to go against the oncoming onslaught of Apocalypse and his horsemen!
Ranking will be by each players actual clicks of damage they deal to Apocalypse's army. Extra points to be had if a player KOs one of the horsemen.
Prizes awarded on Ranking from a current OP prize support kit.
Buy-in is $10.

No resources or relics. No battlefield conditions. One standard object can be brought with your team. ATAs are good. No colossal retaliation.

Any players that click going after the first 3 will play head to head or battle royal style and participation prizes to be had!



Run an Event at Jetpack

Jetpack Clubhouse //

We've got plenty of space for you to play games and run events.  We're looking to run the games that you want us to run.  There's plenty of room for you and your game.  Get something going, make it grow and you will be rewarded.  Present us an idea or a suggestion and you just may be the next Jetpack Staff Member.  Drop us an email and let us know if you want to use the gaming rooms and run events!  Plenty of space for EVERYONE!  We need DMs, Yu Gi Oh Duelists, Pokemon Trainers and so much more!



Start a Gaming Group at Jetpack

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Jetpack Event Calendar

Prize Payout

*Please note that prize payout is in store credit offers.  Store Credit can not be used on bulk discounted merchandise (ie boxes of Magic Cards, Bricks of HeroCLix, etc) nore can it be used for Gift Cards, during SALES, Rich's DOD, etc.  Store Credit is only valid against the actual retail price of product being purchased.  Store Credit has no cash value.



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