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YOU WANT THE NEXT BIG MAGIC THING - We've got a limited amount

Like Modern Masters and Eternal Masters you know you want ICONIC MASTERS.
Available on Friday 11/17 we expect we will sell out of this long before the product arrives.
We've got a VERY LIMITED allocation coming in and we're offering them up now.
You can only order these in-store and once we hit the number we'll be pulling this offer, so get in and order yours now!

Get in today to make sure you get your box!

When this page is gone, so are the cards

Magic the Gathering Ixalan Prerelease IS OUT NOW




Card and Pack


Our cheapest day one Booster Boxes Ever - $90

Get a special booster and a promo card when you buy a box.
No need to sign up ahead. No need to pre-pay or pre-register!
We've NEVER sold out of a Magic booster box on release. Ever!
We've got plenty of these coming so you hang onto your money and come see us when they come out.
Just show up on release day (9/29) and buy your booster boxes for only $90 each.
Buy 1 or 6 the price is the same per box.
Cash or Credit Card is no problem.
Store Credit does not apply to the purchase of booster boxes at the reduced price.
Store Credit is only applied at the retail price of an item.




Want to get paid to play Magic, like Michelle does?  If you've got the skills we've got the pay.

Want to get paid to play Magic, like Michelle does?  If you've got the skills we've got the pay.

Drop us an email and let us know what your MTG knowledge is like.

You don't have to be a judge for this job.  A serious working knowledge of the game is all it takes.

Familiar with the pricing of Magic cards?  That'll get you extra points.

Oh, you are a judge?  Well even more points for you.

We'll be hiring one or two people to run some FNM events (when Michelle wants a break) and to help price up & sort cards.

Want to get another night / day of Magic going on?  Sure you can and you'll get paid even more.

Email Ralph at

Come on down for Friday Night Magic every Friday!


Join us each Friday for FNM!  


Every Friday night in the Jetpack Clubhouse!

Players start arriving around 5 pm.

Tournaments start at 7 pm


Draft / Standard / Modern / Casual

We play it all!


Casual - Free to play with absolutely no prizes given.  Just come, bring a deck and have some fun.

There are no rules for casual.  Come and go as you please!


Friday Night Draft - $15 gets you 3 packs of cards to build your deck draft style.

Not sure what that is?  Google it buddy, or ask a friendly Jetpack Staff member.

Prizes awarded every week include rare FNM promo cards & Jetpack Cash!


Modern - $5 entry and a Modern Legal deck gets you into this ONCE A MONTH tournament. This tournament is hosted the last friday of every month.

Not sure what that is?  You know what to do!


Be sure to check our schedule at to see what format we're playing this week.

Watch for Pre-Release events (that means you can get the new cards up to a week early), PPTQ (fancy important event) and other Magic events.

Get on our weekly email list to keep up on the details (check the top right corner of this screen buddy)! 


Of course we're part of the Wizards Play Network. Got a DCI Number? Great! We can get you all loaded up so you can get points or whatever it is you get for that! 

Want to be a Magic judge?

Magic @

We have our very own Level Two Magic judge here at Jetpack Comics and he'd love to help you become a judge, too!  Stop by at any Magic event and talk to Rob and he will quickly have you on your way to being a certified judge.


MTG Card

Come and check out our new Magic pricing.  Our case is filled with the cards you need!  We're paying more than ever and trading like crazy.  Stop in this Thursday or  Friday and see what Rob is offering for what you have.

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Jetpack Event Calendar

Prize Payout

*Please note that prize payout is in store credit offers.  Store Credit can not be used on bulk discounted merchandise (ie boxes of Magic Cards, Bricks of HeroCLix, etc) nore can it be used for Gift Cards, during SALES, Rich's DOD, etc.  Store Credit is only valid against the actual retail price of product being purchased.  Store Credit has no cash value.



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